Meitheal Support

The Mid Kerry Child and Family Support Network oversees the Meitheal process in collaboration with the Prevention, Partnership & Family Support section of the Child and Family Agency (Tusla) for all of Mid Kerry.

The Mid Kerry Child and Family Support Network is a multi-agency group that works together to develop and co-ordinate packages of support to children aged 0-18 years and their families.

“Meitheal is an old Irish term that describes how neighbours would come together to assist in the saving of crops or other tasks. In this context Meitheal is a National Practice Model to ensure that the needs and strengths of children and their families are effectively identified and understood and responded to in a timely way so that children and families get the help and support needed to improve children’s outcomes and realise their rights”

Tusla, Child and Family Agency

Why would my family need Meitheal?

Preventing problems from arising or getting worse is better than dealing with them later. Meitheal can help stop current challenges from getting any worse for a child/young person.If a child/young person has additional needs, or is facing challenges that are difficult to overcome, and families are finding it hard to access the support necessary to help them, Meitheal may be able to help.

Family Support Co-ordinator:  Kathleen Morris  at 087 0629258